Tenth Harvest

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Every time a vineyard changes hands to the next generation, it takes time for the new hands to acclimate themselves to the particularities of terroir. The particularities of soil and vine and climate need to be coaxed into the spirit of the winemaker before the wine can reflect its deepest self. Some say it takes nine harvests before this happens, but on the tenth, when all quiets but the voice of the fruit and the expression of the land it comes from, that is when magic happens.

We believe that wine is pure pleasure, a fusion of art, science, and senses designed to enhance the food we eat as well as the company we keep.

We believe that its production should move from the minds of people to the land, from their hands to the bottle, and eventually from the bottle to our glass.

We believe that good wine should be easy to find, easy to acquire, and easy to share from producer to distributor to consumer.

After decades of a system lumbering under its own weight, we are here to bring new light to old things, to get back to basics and create a simple process to share one of the purest pleasures the world offers.

We are Tenth Harvest.